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Somers Senior Turns Stone into Art
7 days ago
Most people pick a side of the brain and stick with it. As a high school science teacher, 93 year old Nate Sloan, made a life that continually crossed between the artistic and mathematical hemispheres...
Graduates Should Be Encouraged to Do Not Dream
8 months ago
On Facebook, parents are encouraging their kids to follow their dreams. Come on, you’re a parent and should have good advice. So I just want to gag. Rote clichés with no basis means I must comment. Ea...
NYC Fashion Designer Turns Her Passion Into ZharaMichelle Clothing Line
a year ago
Clothing lines typically have a high profile name attached to them, and aim to give the sense that the celebrity’s heart and soul goes into the design. That said, Zhara Fernandez isn’t exactly skippin...