Rachel A. David

Jersey Girl with horrible handwriting, liker of biking, outdoor activities, podcasts and people. I market for https://vocal.media 

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What It's Like To Be A: Stop Smoking Expert
2 years ago
Rocky Rosen doesn't care if you smoke; as long as you're comfortable with your cigarette addiction, more power to you. This seems a rather counterintuitive (and career-ending) approach for someone who...
What is a Bear-Hug and a Godfather Offer?
3 years ago
If you hear talks about a godfather offer or a bear-hug, you might assume you are being invited over for a movie marathon, or that someone wants to give you a warm embrace. While that may be the case, in business lingo these terms often indicate that a lot–a lot–of money is at stake. The bear hug and the godfather are two of many kinds of corporate takeover strategies and describe tactics used by an acquiring company to acquire the shares of a target company. Depending on a variety of factors, d...