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Dealing with Co-Workers
17 hours ago
Dealing with co-workers has been a nightmare for me. I have ADHD so stopping my self from yelling at people at work has been a constant struggle for me, especially when the manager loses his cool at w...
The Basics of Being a Waitress
4 days ago
First things first, from now on don't call the people you are serving customers ... call them guests. Make your guests feel at home and welcome. I usually do this by verbally saying they are always he...
Work Environments
19 days ago
I'm not that old yet, so I don't have a lot of work experience...yet. However, I have worked at a few places now and the different types of work environments have been extreme opposites. In other word...
How to Be an Amazing Server
24 days ago
This is a lot to take in at once, so I apologize in advance. Just try to take in what you need/want. First things first, they are guests in the restaurant, not just customers. Treat them like you woul...
Babysitting an Autistic Young Adult
a month ago
I've been babysitting an autistic young adult for a few weeks now, and now I'm considering going to back to school to further this type of work. Taking care of someone else makes me feel important and...
I Have Adult ADHD!
a month ago
I am dependent on my ADHD medication to get up before noon. Without it, I might sleep until five in afternoon. I am really not great at that whole show up fifteen minutes early thing… so two to five m...