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Tips for Starting Your Small Business
20 days ago
So you want to start a small business? Well don't worry, there are tons of ways to start on a small budget. Lots of big businesses started at home. Some started in the basement, and some were just all...
Emergency Dispatcher
a month ago
I have been hoping to go back to school to take 911 Emergency Services, but every time the subject comes up in conversation up... people feel the need to remind me how stressful of a job it is. I've b...
So You Want to Be a Firefighter?
2 months ago
If you want to be a firefighter, know that the health benefits and friends are for a lifetime, the money is good, and there is room to be promoted. However, there are some negative parts to the job to...
Dealing with Co-Workers
3 months ago
Dealing with co-workers has been a nightmare for me. I have ADHD so stopping my self from yelling at people at work has been a constant struggle for me, especially when the manager loses his cool at w...
The Basics of Being a Waitress
3 months ago
First things first, from now on don't call the people you are serving customers ... call them guests. Make your guests feel at home and welcome. I usually do this by verbally saying they are always he...
Work Environments
4 months ago
I'm not that old yet, so I don't have a lot of work experience...yet. However, I have worked at a few places now and the different types of work environments have been extreme opposites. In other word...