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I'm just your average, everyday word chimp that loves entertainment media and anything creative. Happy Reading!

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The Networking Society: A Short Essay
3 months ago
This is a short response I was required to write during my academic writing assessment as part of my master’s program application last month. I am happy to report that I received a perfect score on it...
Analysis: 'Alienated Labour' by Karl Marx
4 months ago
Note: My disclaimer on my previous Rousseau post applies here as well. Moving away from the Communist Manifesto to the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts in his early philosophical writings, Marx di...
How to Get into Digital Marketing
6 months ago
The way we consume content has shifted a lot over the last decade. The Internet and mobile devices have been around since the 90s, and yet we've only just begun embracing their advantages. The days of...
A Personal Account of My Career So Far
9 months ago
I don't really talk about my day job on here, do I? It might be interesting to document my journey every now and again to see how my outlook on my progress changes overtime, perhaps inspire fellow wor...
Wordsmen Unite: A Concept
10 months ago
When I was still in university, one of my best friends and I had this old idea to create and promote a hypothetical web service that would connect creators and publishing professionals. I don't know i...
What Makes Art "Good?"
a year ago
We always think of art as being aesthetically beautiful and culturally revolutionary. The real question is, what actually makes it good? "Good" art is produced by individuals who want to share their u...