Mimi Sonner

Just another liberal arts degree holder looking for career fulfillment in all the wrong places.

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Advice for Awkward Work E-Mail Situations
4 months ago
You’ve been hired at an office job—congratulations! Welcome to the world of stable (hopefully) hours and health benefits. There are all kinds of pitfalls to working in an office environment that you m...
The Corporate Bathroom
5 months ago
Amazingly, fully grown adults in a professional setting still seem to have trouble with sharing a restroom. I’m looking at you, Ms. Doesn’t-Flush-And-Doesn’t-Care, and you, Mr. Takes-Phone-Calls-While...
How Looking for a New Job Feels Like Looking for Love
a year ago
Looking for a new job is like dating. For some people, dating and searching for jobs is an exciting enterprise. For me, both are tedious and soul-crushing. Whichever kind of person you are, it’s easy ...