Milica Markovic

Just your average, everyday word chimp who loves entertainment media, and anything creative! I'll also occasionally dabble in other genres.

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What Makes Art "Good?"
3 months ago
We always think of art as being aesthetically beautiful and culturally revolutionary. The real question is, what actually makes it good? "Good" art is produced by individuals who want to share their u...
The Rise of Podcasting and Its Benefits
3 months ago
Before I became a full-time brand journalist, a large portion of my freelancing days consisted of producing and editing performance criticism, as well as providing news coverage for an online theatre ...
Accountability and Leadership in Content Writing
6 months ago
We hear words like "accountability" and "leadership" getting thrown around a lot in business, but we generally don't truly understand what these terms mean until we make that big blunder... which isn'...
In the Spotlight: Bill Gates and Tony Robbins
6 months ago
An Overview of Top Advice from Two of the World's Most Successful People
How to Create an Engaging Yahoo Blog
7 months ago
Much like, Yahoo has a feature that lets users create their own free blogs that don’t require any knowledge in web design. Most blogs tend to focus on specific topics, although you don’t...
Useful Articles for Content Writers
7 months ago
A collection of How-To's I wrote to help other content writers with their skill-building and techniques.