Melinda Dawson

I'm a single mother of two and an aspiring author. I've written 3 novels so far that are available on Amazon, and I'm working on several more. Follow me on Instagram @melindaxd1991 for more on my books and up coming works. 

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10 months ago
"One day I'm going to become an author." That's what I used to tell everyone when I was going through the fourth grade. The big plan. Well, write a bunch of really cool books and be the next J. K. Row...
Becoming a Writer
10 months ago
Every since I was in fourth grade, after reading Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire, I was inspired to become a writer myself. With an overactive imagination and the will to create I began writing a...
Journey into Fantasy
10 months ago
Of all my current series, Araviel, was the most difficult to finally start. Before starting the book I worked tirelessly for three years to create the world, all the species, the religion, and several...