Matt Cates

Retired Air Force Vet; former admin at Oregon State University; author of Haveck: The First Transhuman; GI Jobs contributor and creator of 

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How to Write a Cover Letter That Actually Helps You Get an Interview
5 months ago
You just saw a hot job ad on Indeed, and you want that job, you need that job more than anyone has ever wanted or needed anything in the history of people wanting or needing things. You are not alone....
"How Did You Want to Spend Your Life?": Fight Club Philosophy Meets Overseas English Teaching
2 years ago
"I don't want to change your life," I wrote to her via Facebook Messenger. And that was true...because what I wanted was for her to change her own life. My role was only to act as catalyst... Stop, le...
How to Make Money Freelance Writing
2 years ago
(This content was originally published on Why Are You Still Working?) So, you want to make money freelance writing? Greedy savages! Well, me, too. So here's what I recommend... Some of you may’ve read...
Work, Kids, College, Rotate
3 years ago
Hard to type an essay on Gothic literature bouncing a baby on your knee. But with each bound of the red-headed binky sucker, I reminded myself: “This is what you wanted, man.” Homework was due on Ann ...
19 Steps I Took To Retire At 44…With A Family
3 years ago
(This article was previously posted on Buzzfeed) These are the steps I took to retire at age 44, but every person has a different set of circumstances. Therefore you must customize these steps to your...