Maria Armenia

Aspiring jungle woman with pet gorillas, and a strict papaya and mango diet.

Insta: mariameline

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Why I'll Never Work in an Office Again
6 months ago
When I was 19, my father thought it would be a great opportunity to work as an intern at one of the biggest food and beverage companies in the world. I've never been interested in working an office jo...
The Fly on the Nightclub Wall Part 2
a year ago
It was the Saturday before Easter break. A week holiday awaited me by the seaside in the town of Esbjerg, Denmark. I had been working as a nightclub steward for a month now. I thought I had seen it al...
The Fly on the Nightclub Wall
a year ago
I'll never forget the feeling after walking out of my interview. A red polo shirt in one hand, and an ear piece in the other. Heart beating at a hundred miles per hour and droplets of sweat drenching ...