Marcus "Paradise" Dawes

think.. Tupac, act.. Malcolm #blackexcellence. Poet, Rapper, Writer, Actor, Author, Philanthropist featured in Vice UK, The Times, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph. Stumbling towards publishing a #1 Best Seller.

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Investing in Property: A Beginner's Help Guide to Avoid Common Mistakes
2 years ago
Location, Location, Location.That's the first quote that springs to mind when most people think of property. Some would argue that it is the single most important factor when house shopping, I'd disag...
Writing a Great Synopsis
2 years ago
I AM A REBEL BY NATURE, in school, at home, in relationships, at work; my default is usually to find my own modus operandi to success. When I achieve, as I often do (85% of the time) life is lovely, b...