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American author/translator living in Japan. Haunts a variety of social media sites, loves writing, spends too much time thinking about pizza.

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Two Twitter Tricks
2 years ago
By now, most people know all the tricks there are to Twitter, but there are still a few out there some people haven't caught on to yet. So, here are two tricks for content providers/sellers, storytell...
The Minimalist Guide to Formatting Your eBooks
2 years ago
First and foremost, most, if not all, of this information can be found or gleaned from the Smashwords Style Guide by Mr. Mark Coker, and/or the Amazon guides in their authors' community forums at the ...
Get Yourself Published on Vocal
2 years ago
The first thing you'll notice is that Vocal takes a very minimalist approach to its interface, which is extremely refreshing in the constant glut of the millions of bells and whistles we are faced wit...