Maddie Goody

Aspiring French Teacher. Passion in Teaching and Travel, but I write what's in my heart.

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Staying Strong
2 months ago
I graduate in a few days. I am trying to be a teacher, I've been in the school for awhile now to be a teacher, and just like any other soon-to-be graduate, I am trying to get a job in my field. I've b...
Dog Care
3 months ago
As a college student doing a full time unpaid internship, money is incredibly tight. I do just about anything to make a little money right now so I don't have to touch my savings. Babysitting is, of c...
5 Things I Think Vocal Should Have
5 months ago
I feel like Vocal is a great and fun platform for writers who don't want to put in the expense of building a whole blog. That can cost money and time and the money is not guaranteed. Here at Vocal, we...
I Made $4000 Working 16 Days
9 months ago
Do you have a knack for the Theater? Do you like making money? The seriously, work at the Renaissance Festival. Not everyone who works at the Renaissance Festival travels. If you've ever gone, there's...