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I'm a full time blogger...I love writing writing is my passion. I write different types of things even have my own website called lizzysweeklyblogs. 

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What Is The Tales of Three Triplets About?
2 years ago
I had started writing The Tales of Three Triplets originally when I was in year 10 I think, which would be back in 2006. I'm not 100% sure, it's been going for so long that I've been re-writing it non...
Learn from It!
2 years ago
When you have a schedule planned out of what you need to do each week, you soon realise that without it, things go out of the window. That's when you end up spending two days unable to do anything you...
When You Just Want to Scream!
2 years ago
In this journal, you will find yourself on a chase throughout the journal. It tells the tale of the journey that once used to be lived in. Now come. Come and read. Read for yourselves what it's like t...
What No One Tells You About That You Really Need to Know
2 years ago
Currently a bit behind schedule today. First of all, it was so noisy wherever I go went to try and work; secondly, it's so hot today that all you just want to do is sleep and not do anything, to be ho...
I'm Going to Walk 600 Words and Counting!
2 years ago
"Are you mad!" Cried the three Borthwright children; as they looked at me after I'd told them that their story was coming to an end. "Who you calling mad? Surely not me." Smirked Tom as he came into t...