Lindsie Polhemus

Lover of dogs, wine, and buffalo chicken. Laughing through this thing called life.

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Habits of Self-Made Millionaires
2 years ago
If you are looking to pursue your wildest dreams and live an opulent, luxurious lifestyle, it is important to cultivate the habits of self-made millionaires. The wealthiest of individuals in the world...
Should You Choose a New Career?
3 years ago
Settling on a new career isn't easy; and for many that haven't had to look for a job in decades, the ability to find a new job seems daunting. You need to make sure that your new job is suited to both...
Great Careers for Single Parents
3 years ago
The best careers for single parents are much more than money-makers. Yes, these professions certainly bring in an income. That’s why you need a job, right? But they also provide the freedom, flexibili...