Kevin Gardner

Landing Your First Job
4 months ago
A job hunt—particularly the first one—will take hard work, wading through the strange waters of resume writing and business search websites, plus intuiting just what the potential employer wants while...
The Five Best Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree
4 months ago
Do you need a degree to get a good job? What kind of jobs can you get without going to college? What about jobs in the medical field? College may not be the right choice for everyone. Sometimes, peopl...
Top Six Successful Business Practices
5 months ago
Successful businesses are flexible. They listen to advice about trade, and test them out needed. Don't stay idle. Staying idle will eventually make your business model fail. Many aspects of business c...
3 Things Employers Love to See Beyond Good Grades
5 months ago
Employers are looking for talented and skilled new hires. Employers are focused on so much more than the basic qualities most young professionals tend to have, such as good grades or random job experi...