Kevin Gardner

Entry Level Jobs in Silicon Valley
a month ago
If you are a student in college who is about to graduate this spring, you may want to consider moving to Silicon Valley if you want to have the highest chances of getting an entry level job that you w...
Providing the Best Security Measures for Your Business
a month ago
Once upon a time in America, business was sealed with a handshake the deal was closed. Later on came contracts, lawyers plus litigation, witnesses for a plethora of other issues concerning businesses....
Technology that Has Made Business Improve Significantly
2 months ago
There is no doubt that we have seen many businesses soar because of the influx of technology. It has allowed companies to be more efficient and productive than ever before. Some corporations are seein...
Entry Level Jobs in Business
2 months ago
Business majors have a number of decisions to make early on about where they will spend the majority of their careers. While this is usually with the same firm in a number of areas, most business tend...
How Customer Service Changes Everything
2 months ago
In retail jobs, customer service is very important. There are so many steps and ways to provide good customer service. Customer service is where you show the customer you care about their needs and wa...