Kevin Gardner

6 Unique Ways to Improve Efficiency in the Company
a day ago
Now is a good time to think of numerous ways to increase the productivity of your employees. Workers are spending most of their time at the office. Some of them are working well over the typical 40-ho...
8 Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier
3 days ago
Mental health is not only facilitated by a healthy diet, but peace of mind also enables it. Being free from stress at work will allow you to have optimal mental health and quality of life. Here are ei...
Sales Practices to Implement This Summer
4 days ago
A clear way to motivate salespeople in summer is to make site managers better coaches. Many sales managers are plagued by non-coaching tasks, such as reporting sales numbers, joining unnecessary meeti...
Ways to Build Great Work Relationships
6 days ago
Understanding people's abilities is important for the work environment. You can build positive work relationships, and improve your ability to understand others. You work as hard as you need. These ti...
Tips to Becoming a Better Software Developer
7 days ago
Software development is a rewarding career path, and many software developers really enjoy what they do. Software developers create projects that benefit the client and their business, both by helping...
How Tech Will Improve Your Small Business
9 days ago
Today’s interconnected, fiber-optic, online, and digital world has changed the way people run their businesses. Your business has probably not evolved along with these tech marvels if it is still usin...