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What It's Like To Be A: Beauty Broker
2 years ago
Melinda Farina has a nose for beauty, and incidentally, she knows what makes a beautiful nose better than most. Known as The Beauty Broker in her industry – the Industry – she works as liaison between...
What It’s Like To Be: An Escort
2 years ago
It’s Nadia’s first time in New York. In fact, it’s her first time outside of her small town in Russia. After this, she heads to Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, then back home. A month lon...
Origin of ‘Always Be Closing’
2 years ago
Children and successful business men have more in common than you may think. One of the first few things they learn in their formative years of life as a child or a businessman are their ABCs. "A-B-C....
Write For Journal Today
3 years ago
Because water cooler conversation is old school, and not in the good way. Join the Vocal community and publish your first piece on Journal today. Journal has now joined the Vocal platform, letting peo...
Career Lessons People Learn Too Late
3 years ago
All careers have their own specific career challenges which are presented to us as career lessons. We are taught throughout our lives that work is the essence of life, and without a job, we are nothin...
Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast
3 years ago
We’ve all heard the line, early bird gets the worm. We get it: morning people are more successful, but what are the things successful people do before breakfast—and what should you start doing too? Wh...