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Mid-Twenties Socialist Millenial writing for a better world!
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5 Steps to Grow Your Brand on Social Media
6 months ago
Developing an online brand, or a presence for your business seems like an easy task. You create a profile, fill in a few text boxes, upload a photo, and you're golden, right? Wrong. It can be easy to ...
How To Keep Your Confidential Job Search, Confidential
2 years ago
Looking for a new job? What would happen if your current employer found out? Some might bend over backward to keep you, but others might see you as a threat, a disruptive influence in the workplace, o...
Should You Accept A Counter Offer?
2 years ago
Having set your course on moving on, suddenly a new proposition is on the table. What do you do? Having accepted a new position at a different firm, you’ll need to sit down with your current superviso...