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Mid-Twenties Socialist Millenial writing for a better world!
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Mobile-Banking—FinTech of the Future or a Flash in the Pan?
25 days ago
At a first glance, the idea of digital banking is that, through the reduction of overheads through leaner operations (mobile only means no banks, no bank staff, no utility costs, no security costs, no...
5 Steps to Grow Your Brand on Social Media
9 months ago
Developing an online brand, or a presence for your business seems like an easy task. You create a profile, fill in a few text boxes, upload a photo, and you're golden, right? Wrong. It can be easy to ...
How To Keep Your Confidential Job Search, Confidential
2 years ago
Looking for a new job? What would happen if your current employer found out? Some might bend over backward to keep you, but others might see you as a threat, a disruptive influence in the workplace, o...
Should You Accept A Counter Offer?
2 years ago
Having set your course on moving on, suddenly a new proposition is on the table. What do you do? Having accepted a new position at a different firm, you’ll need to sit down with your current superviso...