Jord Tury

Just a regular guy living in the West Midlands, UK. 

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The Reality of Writing
2 months ago
First of all, let me make it perfectly clear that I do no write for financial gain, but purely for passion and an unbreakable love for the art. It was only today that I actually decided to look back a...
Working in the Funeral Trade
2 months ago
When I was fifteen I was offered my first job. It wasn't necessarily a job I had been seeking or studying towards, but it was an opportunity to earn some extra cash, and help me get off my arse each m...
The Funeral Trade - Q & A
3 months ago
The Questions Everybody Has on Their Minds - Answered
How to Write a Novel
8 months ago
Okay, so you want to write a novel? Well, I won’t lie to you it’ll be a long journey, and don’t be traumatized when I tell you it’ll tear your life away for years, even decades. You’ll feel perplexed ...
The Quill
a year ago
I’ve been thinking a lot lately, perhaps a little too much; to the point of almost kidding myself into thinking the words that I write are actually acknowledged and soaked up by someone from somewhere...