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Follow me @JohnnyVedmore. I'm a UK based Singer, Songwriter, Political Investigative Journalist, Legalise Cannabis Advocate and Leader of UWIP The United Wales Independence Party. FREE WALES!!! Host of Proper Gander.

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Why Poor People Party Properly - My Own Private Poverty - Rich Versus Poor
a year ago
Sometimes, I find that I love my own poverty too much, and it never fails to fill me with shame. No-one can take away my ability to end up with nothing. I work, I’m poor. I claimed benefits, I’m poor,...
The SAS Radisson BLU Cardiff — How to Kill a Dying Man — A Personal Review Part 2
a year ago
I walked back from the Radisson Blu Cardiff still in shock from being fired. They had just destroyed my potential career with no care for the repercussions. Why should they care? Who am I to them? I w...
Cardiff's Worst Hotel to Work - The SAS Radisson BLU Hotel - A Personal Review
a year ago
The global economic crisis was in full swing. It was early 2009 in the beautiful Welsh capital city of Cardiff and I was happy to be working in Head Entertainment, previously the iconic Virgin Megasto...