Joel Eisenberg

Joel is a writer-producer, and partner in TV development group Council Tree Productions. He has developed projects for Ovation TV, TNT, Decades TV and FOX Studios, among others. 

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How to Replace Your Job Earnings with an Equivalent Work-from-home Writing Income
8 months ago
Assuming, of course, that you are reading this article with the intent of learning how to earn a respectable income as a writer, either part-time or full-time, designing a writer’s life should be your...
How to Exponentially Maximize Your Income
8 months ago
Let me be honest here. I joined back in December of 2017. I wrote several articles over a period of three months during rehab from knee surgery. I am a writer-producer by profession. Howev...
I’m a Writer. I Loathed Working 9-5. Here Are 10 Strategies to Really Write Full-Time for a Living
8 months ago
Who among you would prefer to be your own boss, really? Everyone, right? Okay, maybe not everyone—it is certainly risky after all—but how many of you, if you had your druthers, would elect to give up ...
What Will You Do with Your First Million?
2 years ago
Firstly, your issue has nothing whatsoever to do with earning a million dollars. The real issue is between your ears. The money is out there, and remains out there despite your difficulties with bills...
Fellow Artists, If You Fear You Are Selling Your Soul, or You Are Being Betrayed, You Probably Are
2 years ago
Why this article? Why now? A friend of mine, not an actor, was recently offered a role in a high-profile dramatic film. She asked me if she should take it. “Why wouldn’t you?” I asked. My friend, of l...
Risking It All to Thrive as a Financially Successful Creative Artist
2 years ago
The subtitle above is deliberately phrased: “Risking It All To Thrive As A Financially Successful Creative Artist.” Am I implying that sacrifice is necessary to earn a greater than full-time income th...