Jessie White

I'm a mom, a wife, an author, a freelance writer and all around busy person enjoying life. Check out my romantic fiction works @

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Internet Income
8 days ago
Everyone dreams of staying home and earning an income with little to no work. Well, maybe not everyone, but lots of people do. Some of us realize that making money isn't easy. It's always going to tak...
Blogging 101
10 days ago
Blogs are so far out of fashion people are starting to forget what they are, but they're still there, and they're still going strong. The average blog has evolved along the way. They've moved from bei...
Back to Work
2 years ago
Okay, so it's not Monday, but it feels like it. For the past few years, my life has taken a turn I never wanted (no one ever wants life to take a turn for the worse). Due to a terminal illness of my f...
Budgeting A Household
2 years ago
No one likes budgeting. The very word, budget, gives people the feeling of restriction and financial stress. While creating a budget and sticking to it can leave you a bit restricted, it's not really ...
Saving Money
2 years ago
Alright, it’s a topic that everyone brings up and that everyone seems to have some trick or talent for doing. But let’s face it, saving money can be hard. Especially if you’re a young adult living on ...
Rapid Book Releases
2 years ago
Before the surge of ebooks, the traditional publishing format allowed for one new book release a year. That's right, readers (me included) used to wait a full year for the next book in much beloved se...