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Writer, photographer and graphic design enthusiast with a professional background in journalism, poetry, e-books, model photography, portrait photography, arts education and more.

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The Many Talents of Artist M.K. Hughes
5 months ago
As young children, we are born with the wonderful gift of imagination. Over time, some children gravitate to interest in academic disciplines like math and science and later pursue any number of profe...
The Three Main Reasons Businesses Fail
6 months ago
Many people young and old have the lofty goal of becoming their own boss or running their own business. This is one of the amazing things about the American Spirit in the ingenuity and creativity of h...
The State of Journalism in Today's World
a year ago
In 2002, I graduated from college with a degree in journalism and mass communication. The school I attended has a solid program with a pretty good reputation. My class was one of the first to really d...
A Basic Guide to Fonts in Graphic Design
a year ago
Having worked with graphic design in a freelance capacity for some time now, I can assure you that it is not rocket science. However, that in no way means there is not a specific and technique involve...