Jade Lastimosa

I started my journey as a professional actor at the age of 28, but studied acting for 8 years, 4years theatre arts at the Jean and Knox theater, and 4 years in film acting at the Academy of art University. 

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Jade, The Method Actor
17 days ago
I have had arguments and debates with other fellow Actors behind the scenes about Method Acting. Method Acting was the first style of Acting I picked up freshman in college. I read books from Stella A...
The Sacrifice for Acting
3 months ago
Becoming an actor in this day and age is difficult. Not everyone will get it and perceive you as not thinking "practical." Who in their right mind wants to do it? I love a challenge and I tell myself,...
Should Actors Get Tattoos
3 months ago
"Think twice before you get that tattoo!" I was told many times. I was also told that I would never get any casting if I had any tattoos. It was very discouraging hearing this from close friends or fe...
Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Tatted Asian Actor
4 months ago
What are you thinking? That question seems to fly around freely in most of our parent's or friend's mouth. Especially from a family that is Asian, Filipino to be exact. What am I thinking? To want to ...