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Becoming a Freelancer
9 months ago
So, you want to be a freelancer? Let me be the first of many to start out by telling you that it sure as heck isn’t going to be easy. If you have thick skin and endless determination, then you “may” h...
How to Write a Killer Resume!
a year ago
With the competition heating up, you will need to stand out among the pool of other candidates. Avoid common mistakes and get a competitive edge while job hunting! It is tough out there and you need t...
Big Mistakes That You Don't Realize You Are Making
a year ago
Time and time again, I watch new businesses open and close! It recently dawned on me that there are several "classic" mistakes that business owners are making. I have compiled a short list of tips tha...
Short On Cash? You Aren't Alone!
a year ago
Short on cash? Struggling to get by? You are not alone! If you are like most people these days, you are living on a budget. Living within your means can be difficult, which is why most of us have accu...