Isaiah Goodman

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Isaiah is a Certified Financial Education Professional TM and a dynamic speaker who loves to empower others. Isaiah has been married to his wife since 2012. At home they are joined by their four children and dog.

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Becoming Covered
a month ago
What is one of the toughest parts of starting a new job? Is it the new commute to work? Is it the social awkwardness of not knowing whom to sit with at lunch time? No. It’s the sign-up for group benef...
Becoming Noteworthy
2 months ago
Imagine this: You start a business with two partners. You put in the long nights and early mornings. You raise capital, and spend more of your own savings than originally planned. After a few long yea...
Becoming Enlightened
3 months ago
So, you landed a new job? Amazing! The last step is just to pass a background check, and drug test—no problem. You don’t use drugs, so no worries there. But, what’s on that background check? There are...
Becoming Noteworthy
3 months ago
As a business owner, it is thrilling and exciting to be off on your own! I can't even explain it fully, but when I opened up my own financial planning firm without anyone "over" me, there was actually...
Becoming Adaptable
4 months ago
It's so hard to make a move towards a new job! Of course we're always looking for a higher salary but there are so many other factors to consider when looking to make job and life changes. Here are a ...
Becoming Noteworthy
5 months ago
Hey business owners! This one is for you! Have you heard the statistics about being an entrepreneur? 20 percent of small businesses fail in their first year, 30 percent of small businesses fail in the...