Iria Vasquez-Paez

I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. Thanks. 

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I'm Still Looking for a Job
a month ago
As it is, I’m still looking for a job. Something part-time and out of the house. Preferably retail. It is possible where I live to do this. I applied at a pretzel shop at the mall, and a health foods ...
How to Write Fiction
2 months ago
When I write fiction, I make sure to thoroughly imagine the scene before me. This imaginative rendering happens in my head, first. Now, as a trance medium, I have applications that can allow me to use...
Business Ideas That Have Failed
2 months ago
I started off as attempting to be an internet search consultant in 2001. I went so far as to get myself a business plan with the City of Mountain View. I thought I could market doing internet searches...
How To Survive as A Low Income Person
2 months ago
Somehow, on an income of six hundred or more, I survive as a low-income person. I manage to save $100 a month, give or take what I have left. I’m trying to save more money this year and to make more m...
Life As a Copywriter
2 months ago
I write copy. I have managed to train myself in writing copy since August of 2017. I attempt to write three articles of copy per day. The website I’m a member of has me at 2-stars right now and I was ...
My Current Job Situation
2 months ago
As some disabled people do, I face long-term unemployment. Maybe employers don’t want to mess up my situation since you have to be low-income to qualify at all. I applied at GNC since I feel that futu...