Hillari Hunter

I'm an amateur boxing coach who likes to write about many topics.  In a past life, I was an unappreciated office support employee.  I have sung in church choirs and in nightclubs.  I'm speaking up and out more and using my age as an excuse.  

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No Office Party Pooping
7 months ago
An office party can be a great boon for employees, but if employees aren’t careful about their actions, the experience could result in some rough consequences in the workplace. Here are ways to have f...
No Love for Ex-Bosses
9 months ago
Several months had passed since I was laid off from my job as an administrative assistant. A former co-worker who was still employed at the company asked if I kept in contact with my ex-boss, Martin (...
Checking the Volunteers
9 months ago
The volunteer in the amateur boxing class I coach admonished one of the kids for not having their mouthpiece in properly during a sparring session. Later, their parent came to me concerned that the vo...
When Age Is a Problem at Work
9 months ago
A friend of mine had finally gotten into a comfortable groove with her boss who was an executive at the company where she worked. The both of them were close in age and had an understanding of how eac...
Here To Make Money, Not Friends
a year ago
It’s been my experience that toxic workplaces don’t get better. Often it is not just the boss or a few catty co-workers who are the problems, but a whole culture of disrespect in the company that has ...