Heather Wilkins

Lover of words with a hope for a future novelist career.

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Authors for Inspiration
6 months ago
Everyone has a favorite author or two. For me, Lewis Carroll was an author during the time of an industrial sweep throughout England. Jane Austen was a woman who lived in a period of growing economic ...
How I Learned Marketing with Popcorn
8 months ago
I have had some brief stints in marketing and from what some of my previous bosses I have said, I am cold and distant and cannot properly create a good channel for a customer to continue to come to th...
Why It's Bad to Slander a Company
a year ago
Firehouse Subs is a well established submarine sandwich shop that has chains all across the United States. Their menu consists of sandwiches that range from the classic BLT to the more constructive ve...
Not Fitting in Anywhere
a year ago
This week I had only one good day. I never messed up any orders and I got everything right. Tuesday, I ended up sick with a bug and I'm still trying to recover from it.
Drama & Work Don't Mix
a year ago
I moved to Saint Augustine and the first job I got was a part-time gig for Firehouse Subs. It was only ten to thirty minutes from my new apartment. I started working the day Steven Hawking died, but w...