George Boundy

Writer, actor, food enthusiast, daschound lover.  Instagram: gbvboundy 

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In the Name of Art #3
a year ago
The coffee was good, Harriet had to admit, and Daniel made it well though the conversation left a lot to be desired. He had prattled on for almost three quarters of an hour about the flowers in the pa...
In The Name of Art #2
a year ago
Daniel put down the phone and sighed. It was an old phone from his grandma's flat. White plastic, with a ringlet of a cord that had gone from white to grey with time. The handset was yellow from nicot...
In The Name of Art
a year ago
Harriet was walking fast toward Tottenham Court Road station in an effort to waste as little time as possible travelling. Although she had not volunteered herself for this task she was getting quite e...