Gavin Tovar

I am a Film Student attending Santa Fe University of Art and Design who loves writing about his experience in the film industry as a young and aspiring filmmaker.

Production Meetings
2 years ago
Every single filmmaker, whether it be on a large or minuscule scale, has to have a production meeting with their cast and crew weeks before their set shooting date. The purpose of these meetings is to...
How Do I Write a Script?
2 years ago
Young filmmakers begin exploring their field of study when they are in a unique prime of their youth. They are trying to find their individual identity and stepping out of their comfort zone as they d...
How to Become a Filmmaker in High School
2 years ago
High school is about the time when teenagers start thinking about what they want to do with their lives. Some may already have a better idea than the rest and refuse to wait until they have a college ...
What is Room208Films?
2 years ago
The southwestern state of New Mexico has a film industry that rivals the one found in the infamous Hollywood exponentially. New Mexico's film industry created several jobs, saving the state from an ec...