Gareth Johnson

A non-smoker who loves to laugh... (and binge on travel, food, movies, fashion, and theatre...). Find me on Twitter @gtvlondon

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Recruiting a New Salesperson
2 years ago
Recruiting people is hard. I'm currently recruiting a new salesperson to join our commercial team at Gay Star News. We're a digital media company – providing news and information to the global LGBTQ c...
Creating a Business That Values Diversity
2 years ago
Back in March 2016, a tweet by musician Mykki Blanco kicked off a fairly heated critique of the white-washed view of the world promoted by gay media publications. The hashtag #GayMediaSoWhite emerged ...
Team Management: Goal Setting
2 years ago
At Gay Star News, the online media company where I work, we've been growing. We've been recruiting new members to the team, and there's also been some turn-over in roles, plus we've got some plans for...
Recruitment Lessons
2 years ago
I work for Gay Star News—we're an online news and information site that focuses on the LGBTQ community around the world. We achieve big things, but we're only a small team—essentially it's 21 people w...
Travel Trends
2 years ago
Being a travel journalist isn't always just about the destinations and experiences waiting out there for intrepid travelers, you also need to be a bit of a future-forecaster. But future-forecasting is...
How to Get Promoted
2 years ago
Whether the economy is booming or stumbling along, taking charge of your career and planning your next step should always be a priority. You can’t wait for your genius to be benevolently discovered — ...