Frank Zaccari

Has written five books based on life altering events; teaches aspiring entrepreneurs at Arizona State University; mentor with the Veterans Treatment Court;  the University of California Entrepreneurship Academy; is an accomplished speaker.

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Is Imagination More Important Than Intelligence?
22 days ago
Imagination versus intelligence! Which is more important? Is this a chicken or the egg argument where no one wins? OK, let’s look into this. I recently read that Albert Einstein is credited with the s...
Make a Damn Decision!
22 days ago
As someone who interacts directly with over 50 Angel and Private Investors, I am going to share some information with you. INC Magazine reported that one in five Americans would like to own a business. That is second only to home ownership, as part of the American dream. However, more times than not, this dream of owning a business becomes a nightmare. This is from Forbes magazine—50% to 60% of small businesses fail within three years. 80% fail with five years. 70% of SBA loan applications are r...