Frank Zaccari

Written five books based on life altering events; teaches aspiring entrepreneurs at Arizona State; mentor with the Veterans Treatment Court and University of California Entrepreneurship Academy; Radio show host - Life Altering Events

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What Picture Is Your Vision Painting?
7 months ago
Does your vision paint a picture that people can see and follow? Does your vision lead to action? How do you know? Do you know why your employees work for you or your customers do business with you? Most people will tell me it’s because of what they do and how they do it. Rarely do they tell me why? What you do and how you do it are not as important as why. Your why is your vision. Your way paints a picture and leads employees and customers to want to do business with you. Whenever I start worki...
What Are You Really Waiting For?
7 months ago
Are your results not what you expected or even hoped for? Have you made adjustments to your strategy, but things just aren’t working? Your results tell you something has to change soon, but what? I talk to so many people who are in this situation, yet they hesitate to act. Why? Are you waiting to see what the latest "expert" says is the best practice? Good luck with that. There is a new self-proclaimed expert every week. Are you waiting to see next month’s reports? If you don’t take any action, ...
Is Imagination More Important Than Intelligence?
7 months ago
Imagination versus intelligence! Which is more important? Is this a chicken or the egg argument where no one wins? OK, let’s look into this. I recently read that Albert Einstein is credited with the s...
Make a Damn Decision!
7 months ago
As someone who interacts directly with over 50 Angel and Private Investors, I am going to share some information with you. INC Magazine reported that one in five Americans would like to own a business. That is second only to home ownership, as part of the American dream. However, more times than not, this dream of owning a business becomes a nightmare. This is from Forbes magazine—50% to 60% of small businesses fail within three years. 80% fail with five years. 70% of SBA loan applications are r...