Francis Milligan

24. Glasgow, UK. 

Freelance Digital Marketer & Social Media Specialist. 

Google Training Provider UK. 

Views my own.

Effective Marketing on Instagram
11 days ago
Instagram: that little app that Facebook stole and changed the way millennials and businesses share content. With the platform growing at a vast rate due to the new implementation of shopping, stories...
Creating a Simple Social Media Strategy
a month ago
With social media usage on the rise every day and more ways for people to connect with each other, share their lives' little tidbits and be exposed to by many companies, what can be done to ensure tha...
Owning Your Field on Social Media
2 months ago
Right off the bat, this is not some quick fix bullshit that will turn you into a blue tick account in 48 hours; this is learning how to do what you love and telling the world. This is the hustle, on s...
The Truth About Graduate Jobs...
2 months ago
So a friend of mine recently shared his opinions on life after uni and what challenges you'll face when searching for a graduate or full-time job, personally I felt his message should be further sprea...