Fiona Wark

Woman in science and engineering. Single dog parent. Climber. Lover of the outdoors. Opinionated introvert. 

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Notes from a Site Engineer 4
10 months ago
Some site roles are, as mine was, primarily observational in nature. This means that you will spend very little time doing actual physical work of any kind, and an awful lot of time standing around wa...
Notes from a Site Engineer 3
10 months ago
Before you all scoff and tell me I'm ridiculous - 'what are you on about - dirt! Stupid woman!' - let me tell you one thing. Apparently, not everyone walks onto an earthworks project or a construction...
Notes From a Site Engineer 2
10 months ago
I'm clumsy. I'm not clownishly clumsy to the point no one trusts me to carry things. I'm not cute clumsy either. I'm big, blundering, blunt instrument clumsy. I have always blamed it on being tall, it...
Notes from a Site Engineer
10 months ago
Here's a little secret: as a graduate engineer, I hated site work. I had to be pushed and poked and prodded until I left the office. I resisted all attempts to send me to site. I preferred the office ...