Eva Lee

Eva Lee is an Enterprise Software Technology project Manager who also enjoy's writing,Eva started writing the blogs and articles on Resumes, Career oriented topics. 

Best Brand Social Media Campaigns 2017 International
a year ago
Every digital marketer aims to develop creative and innovative campaigns to strike a chord with the masses. Not only does it gain the brand attention of the people, but also bring about a change. With...
15 Factors Need to Be Nourished for Employee Engagement
2 years ago
Employee engagement is necessary to improve business operations and enhance productivity. Here are the 15 factors that need to be nourished to improve it.
How to Climb the Career Ladder in 2018?
2 years ago
2018 is approaching fast, and it seems to be a good time to review your career goals. It is a good time for self-analysis and to ask questions like: "Am I at the position I wanted to be in my career?"...
5 Things to Avoid During Appraisal Discussions
2 years ago
With another financial year coming to an end, it is that time of the month when you are busy with filling appraisal forms or preparing a presentation of significant achievements. While the hiring mana...
Is Going Back to a Previous Workplace a Good Decision?
2 years ago
Returning to the same workplace after resigning can be bewildering as a lot of things go on in one's mind. The person might even be skeptical as he/she might think that going back to a previous workpl...
How Important Are Keywords in Your Résumé?
2 years ago
Here is a list of reasons why you should consider using keywords in your résumé.