Eva Lee

Eva Lee is an Enterprise Software Technology project Manager who also enjoy's writing,Eva started writing the blogs and articles on Resumes, Career oriented topics. 

Fundamentals of Listing Achievements in Resume
2 days ago
Successfully applying for a job means showing the prospective employer why you are better than other candidates. If you want to get noticed among the crowd, is there any better way than mentioning you...
Do's and Don'ts Before and During an Interview Session for Freshers
9 days ago
Appearing for an interview for the first time can be a daunting task. What helps in facing it is preparation and professional tips. Following certain standards can turn the odds in your favor. The do'...
Impact of Online Career Counseling on Student's Life
19 days ago
As students are amateur and young, they find it difficult to identify their true potential and areas of interest. With many new and different career options available in today's era, they often get co...
How To Write a Résumé for a Teaching Profile
22 days ago
A teacher can have a great influence over students and shape them to contribute to the welfare of the society and country. These educators are capable of molding the brilliant minds of today into resp...