Emily Grace Gill

Recent college graduate trying to process life and have fun along the way.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action
a year ago
What set apart Apple, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Wright brothers from the rest of the population? In his 18 minute talk, leadership expert Simon Sinek explained what makes great leaders effective...
Work and Meaning
a year ago
What makes us feel good about our work? Behavioral economist Dan Ariely's third TED Talk outlined a few experiments he conducted to better understand what motivates us as workers. In the first experiment he explored Meaningful Condition and Sisyphic Condition. People in the Meaningful Condition were asked to build LEGO Bionicles for $3.00 then $2.70 then $2.40 and so on. The completed Bionicles were put away under the table. The average number Bionicles completed in this condition was 11. Sisyph...