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Is There Really Such Thing as Explosive Growth?
19 days ago
Hyper Explosive Growth is the golden trophy glittering in every new company's eye. Every young, hungry CEO scrounges for the tricks to an accelerated take off, dreaming of a transition from regular blood, sweat, and tears to riding a rocket on autopilot. And it's just a fantasy most companies project to feel better than everyone else. Growth can happen fast, but only a small part of it. In truth, growth starts a lot further back most people are willing to acknowledge. The social media-inspired a...
How to Make a Shopper Want Your Products
23 days ago
Salespeople generally have a bad reputation. No one likes to have impractical things pushed on them, with wild promises. But, luckily, someone launching their own brand doesn't have to be THAT kind of salesperson. The sales tactics a brand founder performs are geared to spread a message, not meet a quota. Brand founders have the flexibility of letting their businesses take off, at their convenience. Not someone else's. Selling to spread the word operates differently, and less cutthroat than sell...
Is Social Commerce as Pretentious as It Sounds?
2 months ago
The official definition of social commerce is the use of networks to produce e-commerce transactions. The term first appeared in Yahoo in 2005. It hit the mainstream until 2011, and we can thank the rise of social media. But anyone who has ever tried a hand at marketing knows a network is not just there to use at will. A marketer has to be drawn in an audience with an elaborate dance, in the diverse environment that is any platform. It takes more than crafting a message. It takes crafting a pers...