Edward Anderson

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Like For Nothing
10 months ago
“Like my page!” It’s one of the most common posts on writing groups on Facebook. It seems like every day there are millions upon millions of requests for someone to like a business or Author Page. Her...
The Demonization of Self Publishing Needs to Stop
a year ago
Sometimes I see something on Facebook and it makes me want to throat somebody. Maybe that's not the best way to start an essay, but it's true! So the other day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw...
Ripped From The Bylines
2 years ago
Once upon a time, not so long ago, I wanted to be a journalist. The reasons for the desire were numerous, including it was the one writing job that my parents wouldn't complain that I couldn't make mo...
The Bad Business of Free
2 years ago
Authors work hard on their books. Independent writers not only have to work hard finishing their masterpieces but they also have to figure out distribution and marketing as well. Seems like a fair tra...
The Gig Economy
2 years ago
"Get a real job!" My Dad used to yell that at me all the time. For the most part I have been working contract or freelance jobs since 2010. There have been times when I have taken on a full time job, ...