Dre Joseph

Opinion Writer, Race Essayist, Social Commentator, Stark Bannerman

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Time to Own Shit
a year ago
I told y'all why racist systems are still prevalent in this country and every country. And I laid out for y'all why you (black people...the African diaspora) should gain economic and political currency in this country. Be patient, BE HUMBLE, be smart, don't quit, and it'll work. Now I'm gonna tell you where you should go from here. It's simple; Banks. Actually, fuck that, credit unions! Find the nearest credit union in your area and open a checking account there. Listen... Don't use white-owned ...
a year ago
In America, what do Hip-Hop and R&B music, the black hair industry, and professional basketball and football leagues all have in common? They should ALL be owned by black people. Period. If blacks want to be strong enough to one day throw their money behind a political candidate to run for public office in every predominant US state with a pronounced black population, we will need the political capital to do it. What better way to do that then by the way of one of the industries we have a strong...