Dan McGinnis

I've been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years, and social media manager for a decade.  I love politics & entertainment, and frequently write about both.  My interests are diverse--just like my articles.

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Branding Your Business on Facebook - Using Hashtags
2 months ago
Every business and organization needs to have a presence on Facebook, but the content needs to reach your target audience. Here are a few tips to expand the reach of your posts. Creating rich content ...
Branding Your Business on Facebook - Utilizing Search Engines
3 months ago
There are lots of social media platforms that are popular today, but forgetting the immense popularity of Facebook is a strategic error for any business. Instagram, Pinterest, Snap, and Twitter all ha...
Branding Your Business on Facebook – Proper Page Creation
3 months ago
Facebook is still an incredible place to market your business, your brand, your event... really anything. Successful online promotion requires a bit more than just creating a post and hoping for the b...
What Retirement Fund?
10 months ago
I'm not alone when it comes to worrying about my retirement accounts. Unlike many people in their 20s, I actually did begin saving for retirement at a young age. I didn't do so well with it in my earl...