D.C. Perry

Collector, cataloger and curator of elusive emotions, collapser of quantum wave functions, explorer of perception, and student of the human condition.

Finding Motivation to Write
7 months ago
Anyone who's begun to write will experience it. Actually, anyone who writes period, whether it's been for a week or thirty years, will sometimes lack to motivation—the inspiration—to write. And if you...
Writing Your First Book
7 months ago
It is done. The decision has been made. You're going to write a book and there's no doubt it's going to be great. And so you saunter downstairs to the family computer a little bit later, after everyon...
A Good Pen
7 months ago
The mental image is one we all know well: a writer, sitting in a study, surrounded by mounds of books and hastily scrawled upon pages tacked onto the walls, with perhaps a cat, coffee, or even an over...
The Struggles of the Modern Writer
7 months ago
When I was younger, ideas of being a middle-school author floating about in my head between worries about my terrible grades and just how I was to build a fort in a backyard so small and close to othe...