D.C. Perry

Collector, cataloger and curator of elusive emotions, collapser of quantum wave functions, explorer of perception, and student of the human condition.

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How to Start Blacksmithing for Under $50
6 months ago
Will Turner, from The Pirates of the Caribbean. Whenever I try to think of a blacksmith, he's the one who comes to mind. And man, does he have a nice shop. Hundreds of hammers, hundreds of tongs, a gi...
What I've Learned from a Month of Blacksmithing
9 months ago
There aren't as many sparks as the movies might have you believe. Also, much fewer swords, because swords are incredibly arduous to make, not to mention useless if you're a beginner blacksmith, becaus...
Finding Motivation to Write
2 years ago
Anyone who's begun to write will experience it. Actually, anyone who writes period, whether it's been for a week or thirty years, will sometimes lack to motivation—the inspiration—to write. And if you...
Writing Your First Book
2 years ago
It is done. The decision has been made. You're going to write a book and there's no doubt it's going to be great. And so you saunter downstairs to the family computer a little bit later, after everyon...
A Good Pen
2 years ago
The mental image is one we all know well: a writer, sitting in a study, surrounded by mounds of books and hastily scrawled upon pages tacked onto the walls, with perhaps a cat, coffee, or even an over...
The Struggles of the Modern Writer
2 years ago
When I was younger, ideas of being a middle-school author floating about in my head between worries about my terrible grades and just how I was to build a fort in a backyard so small and close to othe...