Christina St-Jean

I'm a high school English and French teacher who trains in the martial arts and works towards continuous self-improvement.

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Is Google Not as Diverse as It Seems?
2 years ago
Even as Google's parent company, Alphabet, takes the throne as the world's largest company, there are rumblings that the ubiquitous software giant may not be the positive place that it's been made out...
Starbucks Employee Melts Down, Frappuccino-Style
2 years ago
The unicorn frappuccino may have captured many imaginations and tastebuds since its debut April 19, but baristas are struggling to stay cool making the beverage, it seems. The frappuccino is actually a complex beverage to make, by Starbucks' standards, and it seems that barista Braden Burson had just had enough at the end of his shift yesterday. Burson, 19, took to Twitter in a rant following the end of his shift in a video and tweet that has since gone viral although it had been deleted. “My ha...