Chris Gutteridge

I'm a freelance writer and aspiring sci-fi author and short story writer. Check out my blog at

Likes Vs. Reach
2 years ago
As a blogger, I’ve come across many challenges and issues. One issue that I'm constantly facing is expanding the reach of my blog. My Facebook page for my blog has been reaching a lot of people but it...
Three Tips to Remove Distractions
2 years ago
Distractions are everywhere. You’re never going to be able to truly escape from them. They’re lurking around every corner, waiting to kill our productivity. I am constantly being distracted! By Facebo...
The Benefits of Youth
2 years ago
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this at all yet, but I’m planning on starting freelance work soon. I’ve put starting it off for too long now. The biggest factor that always held me back from starting f...