Cato Conroy

Cato Conroy is a Manhattan-based writer who yearns for a better world. He loves to write about politics, news reports, and interesting innovations that will impact the way we live.

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Myths About LinkedIn That Will Hinder Your Success
a year ago
LinkedIn is the "Facebook of professionals," and truth be told, it's one of the most powerful recruitment platforms in the world. This highly professional social media platform can make or break your ...
Best Careers for Former Teachers to Seek Out
a year ago
Being a teacher is an honorable pursuit, but let's be real—there's a reason why there are so many people who end up switching jobs after getting a Bachelor's degree in Education. The system is stacked...
How to Decline a Job Interview
2 years ago
It can happen to anyone who's searching for a job. You applied to a bunch of them, then got a callback to your dream job—only to have a callback happen at a place you would only work at if you were de...
Business Podcasts That Will Boost Your Career
2 years ago
A lot of people might say there's no business like show business, but if we were more realistic, business in and of itself is something that is ever-changing, unpredictable, and at times, downright am...
Best Desk Pads to Improve Any Type of Workspace
2 years ago
Desk pads are not a new accessory by any means of the word. In fact, they're as old school as they come — but they remain popular for good reason. The right desk pad adds a stylish flair to an otherwi...
Job Interview Tips for Employers
2 years ago
Job interviews are tough all around, and it often takes actually having to interview people to realize how bad it can be. If you are an employer looking to hire help, or a person who's brand new to HR...