Carolann Sherwood

Professional nurse for over 40 years

Owned a children's daycare, eight years

Owned an upper scale clothing resale shop

A freelance writer 

Editor since 2010 on a writing platform site

A published author, "Return To The Past" available on Amazon

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Helpful Tips for the New Nurse
8 months ago
To avoid future regrets give 100 percent every day to your nursing profession and expect nothing in return. You will not sleep well at night if you go to bed knowing that you did not do your best you ...
Nursing, a Noble Profession
8 months ago
The Nursing Profession
Business Principles of a Successful Company
10 months ago
I worked in the healthcare field for over 40 years as a nurse. During these years, when situations arose and our family needed extra income, my husband and I started a temporary business to make end's...