Caleb Sherman

Host of the Youtube series The Year in Gaming, Final Fantasy completionist, Real-Time Strategy lover and loser, massive fan of Dune and lover of horror movies.

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The Author Avoidant
a year ago
I sit down in front of my computer with every intention of writing out another 3,000 words for this week. That's the goal—get my 3,000 words written and move on with life. I already have a draft of ho...
The Author Calmed
a year ago
A success, and so it continues. Driven by a properly made cup of coffee, renewed vigor, and rediscovered inspiration, I set to work on the rewrite that will truly satisfy me. A story that I am certain...
The Agitated Author
a year ago
This is how it begins. My morning routine, uninterrupted, goes off without a hitch. Unemployment would suit me if not for the lack of funding. The dishes are washing, the laundry is going, and I have ...