Caitlin McDonald

Award-winning scholar & writer on digital communities, data science, and dance. Tweets @cmcd_phd. Holds PhD in suitably unexpected & obscure subject. Very tall. Frequently a bit silly.

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A Tale of Two Conferences
a year ago
I went to two technical conferences recently which couldn’t have been more different in their approach to diversity and the quality of the material presented. Top Tips for Conference Organisers: Don’t...
Balance in the Team
a year ago
“I think it’s good to hire for a balance in the team rather than individual skills. I like to have a balance of men and women in the team because I think women are naturally better at some of those sk...
Crafting Your Post-Apocalyptic Resume
2 years ago
If you’ve been marking off the days since President Trump obtained the nuclear codes with increasing trepidation, now might be the time to brush up on your post-apocalyptic resume. Just because your L...