Brittany Medvetz

A 22-Year-Old Self-Published author, a mother, and a college student.

Loves to write and read fiction... (Especially Romance)

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Work From Home
10 months ago
Are you ready to start making extra income or ready to make it a full time job FROM HOME? Are you tired of working so much that you STILL don't make ends meet? Yup, that was me when I got pregnant and...
Writing a Novel
a year ago
Writing a novel is NOT easy. Trust me, I know that. Now I have been writing books since I was thirteen. At the time, I was twenty when I self-published my first book. Some people, probably most people...
We Hate Writer's Block!
a year ago
Now, before I begin, let me tell you…being a writer is easy, but it’s hard as well. Some of you may agree and others may not. Why do I say this? Because we all tend to get this thing called “writer's ...